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"There is a reason people are leaving other states and coming to Florida. The path we have been on in recent years has made us a beacon of freedom, and I will keep us on that path!"

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    Education is All About the Kids!

    Florida has made great strides in K-12 Education, and we need to stay on that path, returning practical skills and Trade School preparation to the curriculum, and working toward having the money follow the child.

    Small Business is the Backbone of our Economy

    All too often, government gets in the way of small business or worse, works to kill it in favor of Big Business Interests, like it did during the Pandemic. I will work to remove barriers from Small Business, and eliminate regulations that favor Big Business at their expense.

    HOA Reform

    We are all broken-hearted over what happened at Surfside. We need to establish statewide regulation on transparency for HOA boards like they have done in Hallandale Beach, FL. In addition, we need to require HOA board directors and property managers be legal fiduciaries, with criminal penalties for malfeasance.

    Safe Communities

    The recent move to defund or hobble our Police Departments Has unsurprisingly caused crime to shoot-up in communities across the country, including South Florida. I support local police, and will work to strengthen law enforcement, while holding accountable those who abuse the law.

    Meaningful Healthcare Reform!

    We have the best Healthcare, but a terrible Healthcare System! Nobody can argue that Healthcare and Healthcare Insurance are the most heavily regulated part of our economy, and while some regulations are about safety, the greater portion serve special interests, and simply work to make care harder to get, and more expensive. I will work to remove needless regulations that hurt Floridians, especially our seniors!

    Conserving our Environment

    Our beautiful state is a major tourist destination, and tourism is a cornerstone of our economy. I will work to promote Beach Nourishment, and cleaning-up up public spaces, especially the coastal areas, keeping Florida a beautiful, fun destination!


    Fundraising Dinner
    Benefit Teragram Hall
    395 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. NY
    Elections: Mayoral Debate
    Benefit Teragram Hall
    395 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. NY
    Elections: Hot Topics
    Benefit Teragram Hall
    395 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. NY
    Elections: Policy Positions
    Benefit Teragram Hall
    395 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. NY

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    In FocusParker: Leadership, Experience, Values means something.

    Candidate Sarah Parker will fight for strong neighborhood schools, higher incomes, and an economy that works for everyone.

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    Through your donation to Lynn’s campaign,
    you are contributing to preserving our civil rights
    and economic opportunities.

    Through your donation to Lynn’s campaign, you are contributing to preserving our civil rights and economic opportunities.

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